In recently years we have seen the importance of plants with a new view due to the importance they have for preserving the natural conditions in our planet. The importance of having plants at home is now more than an alternative a must do in our houses to contribute with nature preservation.




Despite all of the benefits that gardening provides to ourselves and our local communities, gardening provides an even greater benefit to the world around us. We live in a symbiotic relationship with our plants. Through photosynthesis, plants use sunshine to synthesize food from the carbon dioxide we breathe out and the water they take in through their roots. As a waste product, these plants send out oxygen, which allows us to breathe.


Plants can also contribute to removing pollutants in our waterways. Many eco-friendly gardeners are now creating rain gardens, which use native plants and unique reservoirs to capture and use run off from rain, thus preventing pollutants from reaching streams and lakes and getting into our waterways.


Finally, the plants we plant help to provide both food and shelter to wildlife, allowing for a diverse natural habitat.


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